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India is a country of spices and very well known for its varied taste and touch of spices in the day to day life of its people. The brand of SOLERO spices that garners the kitchen of many Indians was initiated by Mr. Rajiv Modi in 2015. This initiation of a reform in the field of spices was stated with a vision to bring the perfect combination of taste and purity into the life of people. With its perfect quality maintenance and perfect food standard procedure it has established its roots all over Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.

Every company has its own credibilities and assets that it values for life. Here in SOLERO we believe in giving the best to our customer in terms of hygiene, purity, taste and freshness. The company has its unique recipes of masalas that give a tinge of perfection to the every product of SOLERO. The company has efficient expertise to choose the perfect raw spices to suit the Indian palette. The expertise also lies in understanding the pungency and colour of the spices to give you the perfect output.